United Experts aims at catering the needs of the Gambians with a modern approach and it is committed to sustainable design and making use of elements and materials that are in line with Gambian culture.


A multipurpose trade complex comprising of commercial shops, recreational, accommodation and lodging facilities which  takes charisma, function and sustainability into utmost consideration.


A hub for business activities with a modern look

A complex comprising of a commercial ground floor, 3 floors for administrative purposes and a rooftop garden. On each floor, three office space of various size is available equipped with their own data.

A business centre with a great atmosphere

The space between the buildings is the perfect area for clients and businessmen to spend time and exchange a few words. The two buildings are connected via a glass bridge.


A settlement of the future where people can strive to reach their dreams

Northopia  is a new developed town where you can start a new life, expand your knowledge and skills, engage in creative activities and selfdevelopment, implement your ideas and receive support from the community. The green city of Northopia takes pride in utilizing zero emission solutions in transportation,
housing and other aspects of city life.

This town is comprised of ring segments leading to the center of the city which has a circular shape. The city can be expanded upon demand in the future. All functions are developed and concentrated in small urban planning formations. The city has been designed to serve more than 100,000 inhabitants.

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