United Experts together with its international partners relies on a broad knowledge in the energy sector, particularly the renewable energies as one of its main focus.

UnEx provides the following services:

Renewable Energies

Local Content

Grid Stability

Renewable Energies

With a long experience of United Experts partners in the development and implementation of renewable energy systems all over the world, UnEx can offer expertise in all areas of project implementation:

Feasibility Studies

  • To evaluate the viability of a project regarding economic, legal, environmental and social factors

  • To support the acquisition of financing/funding

  • To apply for the required governmental permits

Funding Acquisition

  • To offer support in the research for the right funding program

  • To assist in the application process with the necessary technical, financial and legal expertise

Design & Dimensioning

  • Detailed engineering with years of experience and a team of competent engineers

  • To offer the complete electrical design and components dimensioning of power plants, customized to the clients’ requirements

  • Turn-key concept including site selection, dimensioning of components and cabling as well as procurement, civil work, grid connection and commissioning among others


  • Constant communication with the clients throughout the whole phases of the project

  • To identify the best possible solution according to the clients’ needs and demands

  • To present the potential for optimizations to the customer

  • To suggest project-expanding applications where they make sense

Construction, Installation & Commissioning

  • Construction of power plants and installation and commissioning of components on a high standard level

  • Constant supervision of well-trained engineers during the construction phase of projects

Operation & Maintenance

  • To ensure the success of the project and client satisfaction through the project’s entire lifetime

  • To support and advise for a smooth operation of the systems

  • To offer the option of complete operational management after commissioning of the power plant as well as coordinating regular preventive and corrective maintenance activities

Local Content

In the past few years, big infrastructure projects in The Gambia were mainly conducted by foreign companies, sometimes without any participation of the population or local institutions.

As a Gambian company, United Experts is convinced that the key to sustainable development of The Gambia is the transfer of know-how and the involvement of local players.

To strengthen the national economy, United Experts is giving high importance on subcontracting local companies as much as possible in the course of carrying its projects.

Encouraging such development leads to:

Encouraging such development leads to:

  • Opportunities for promoting entrepreneurship and founding start-up companiesDevelopment of local businesses, infrastructure and the whole supply chain

  • Improvement of local know-how

  • Reducing the need for importing products

  • Reduction of production cost and lead-times

  • New job opportunities by technology transfer and capacity building

Grid Stability

The electricity sector in The Gambia is currently in need of major improvements. Due to the use of obsolete technologies but also due to insufficient load coverage and incomplete load management, there are regular power failures.

While the availability of electricity in the Combo urban area is around 90%, other areas are hardly at all electrified.

United Experts provides support in setting up power grids:

  • Including measures to expand the transmission network

  • To train specialist staff for the professional operation of the power system

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