Geospatial Analysis

Geo analysis and geoinformation plays a vital part in decision-making in both project development and project realization.

UnEx provides the following services:


Geographic Information System

Aerial Survey & Inspection


Nowadays, drones are being used as a powerful tool to map large areas in a fast and cost-effective way in comparison to conventional methods. The result is various types of maps which helps expedite workflows in a variety of commercial settings. At United Experts, state-of-the-art technology is utilized to create orthomosaic and Digital Surface Models (DSM) with an accuracy of up to 5 cm/pixel. Models which precise measurement of distance and surfaces is possible.


Geometrically corrected images that are commonly used for:

  • Measuring true distances thanks to scale accuracy
  • Monitoring natural or man-made structures
  • Creating precise maps of any region or area
  • Creating index maps to assess vegetation in a region
  • Detecting changes in landscape overtime

Digital Surface Model (DSM)

Digital depiction of the earth surface. This includes the elevation of the terrain and objects like trees and buildings. DSM can be used:

  • In any kind of planification processes (starting from construction cost analysis till master developing plans)
  • As an analytical tool for the classification of features in orthoimages.
  • For landscape modeling, city modeling and other three-dimensional visualization applications

Geographic Information System

Geographic Information System provides the framework to capture and analyze data. United Experts supports organizations and companies in gathering data required for successful project implementations. United Experts works closely with its technical partner in Germany to provide the state-of-the-art services in the Gambia.

Sare Alpha - Analyze Data
Gather and Analyze Geodata

Data collection and analysis helps project developers from different sectors to scan the area of development and plan the project more efficiently.

For example, in the energy industry, UnEx can determine the rooftop area, slope and suitable location for mounting rooftop PVs in both rural and urban regions and even provide different scenarios.

KIA - Addressing System

UnEx provide its expertise to urban planners so they can benefit from a general overview in planning of an urban area at every step of the process and have constantly updated geospatial data at hand.

It is a visioning planning tool for future infrastructure projects that implements middle and long-term solutions

Basse - development
Addressing System

At UnEx, an addressing system has been designed that enhances many urban services such as mail delivery, billing of electricity, tax collection, or taxi, fire fighter, ambulance and police services. This system also helps with safety and security.

Aerial Survey & Inspection

At United Experts, drones are used for survey and inspection of land plots which creates a more precise result while achieving time  efficiency.

For example, a conventional survey takes double the time in comparison with drone survey.

Aerial survey and inspection enables:

  • Accurate measurement of land plots or rooftop areas
  • Identification of building application (commercial, administrative, residential)
  • Determining land parcel ownership
  • Generating land cadastral map
  • Monitor changes in a specific area over time
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